Headline Anchors

Do you want to share link to 3rd paragraph of the post? Statie adds a link to all headings of Genereated Elements (e.g. posts; not to standalone pages like index or contact) by default. Highest level heading h1 and those containing links are excluded. You can apply some styling to show an anchor.

Headline Anchors

Add style to your css

Anchor links have class heading-anchor for easier selection. Feel free to modify this sample to accommodate your needs:

.heading-anchor:hover::before {
    display: inline-block;
    content: "#";
    padding-right: .5ch;
    margin-left: -1.5ch;
    border: 0 !important;

When your hover any heading, an anchor will appear to the left of the heading. Just click & copy the url & share it!

Removing headline links

In some cases this behaviour may not be appropriate - you can disable it easily with following configuration in statie.yml file:

            # Disable anchors for all posts
            has_headline_anchors: false